Sabine's Puppet Show

Sabine created a puppet show in response to a book she had read.

Josh - The Entrepreneur

Josh, decided to make a guitar stand, he researched it, went to Bunnings and got all the materials and polished it up! He enjoyed the...

Lemi's a scientist!

Here is a great video of Lemi engaged in science experiments.

Alice's Collage.

Alice - I love how well you have explained the process of your art work. What an incredibly detailed piece of work.

Eleni's weather report

Eleni is on her way to being a great weather reporter. Eleni, I love how confident you are and you have given your audience all the...

Decca's scale diagram

Decca has drawn a 'to scale' diagram of his house, complete with furniture, plants and detail.

Saskia's "Adventures"

Each day Saskia dresses up as an explorer and chooses a country she does not know well.

Angie & Alessia have become puppeteers!

Angie and Alessia have been making puppets and creating a scene. This task was set for Angie in year 2 - but Angie in Kindergarten joined...

Scarlett's masterpiece "Isolation"

This piece of artwork is also inspired by the current feelings it is named Isolation. I think it exudes reflection too. So much emotion...

Arden's creative writing

Arden has used the current situation as a muse to write a short story, if only we could use magic to go "poof" and all be back at school.

Kit and Louis - Stop motion animation

Kit and Louis created a Lego, stop motion movie about Harry Potter. The music they chose to accompany the video is perfect!

AJ - Working hard at home.

AJ, has been working really hard at home completing a wide range of tasks. I really like that he watched some Youtube videos around...

Julian blind travelling

Julian is blind picking countries and researching them. This is his project on Jamaica.

Blind travel By Oliver

Oliver has been blind picking countries and then researching them. He has been doing a slide show, and learning about some interesting...

Harry learning about volume and capacity

A nice introduction to capacity Harry Harry you are so neat and SO faaaaaast! And then the results and reasoning! I really like how you...

Daisy's "A picture a day!"

Daisy has decided to create a picture a day. I really love the owl, but I have to say the duck's shadow work is so effective.

Turbine Generator!

Ethan and Olivia have been studying thermo hydration, they are learning how steam is produced to spin the turbine, that spins magnets...